The Fantasy Auto Racing Experience You've Always Wanted.

Manage your fantasy f1 team throughout the season. Out-smart your colleagues and prove your Formula 1 mastery! Create or join local free and paid leagues with your friends, and race one-on-one against others around the world


The All Inclusive Fantasy F1 League

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Compete with
Family & Friends

Join the race and compete against family, friends and strangers in the very best fantasy Formula One experience available.

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Build Your
Dream Team

With a (sadly, virtual) $100,000,000 at your disposal you will sign your perfect Fantasy F1 team, earning points based on their real world performances.

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Earn Cash & Prizes

Compete with other team’s for a chance to win the GridRival GP and take home cash and prizes like a trip to the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix or a 2018 Mercedes AMG GT-S.

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Focus on Strategy

Our unique game model adds real strategy to your Fantasy F1 experience. Our game rewards the whole grid, not just leading teams with the most money

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Key Features

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Play with real money. Win your Fantasy F1 league to earn cash prizes.

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Fully responsive design. Accessible anywhere on mobile, desktop or tablet.

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Create or join leagues with friends, family or other players around the world.

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Proprietary analytics center shows how well you and other team's are performing.

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Compete in the global season-long FBOX World Championship with thousands of players to win cash & prizes.

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Compete one-on-one with friends in the head-to head center.

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Bespoke value system where drivers and constructors fluctuate based on real world performances.

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Community transfer market. Go against the clock to secure your favorite drivers and constructors at a reduced signing fee.

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Earn experience points and trophies as your Fantasy F1 team progresses.

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